Eric Steiner

More about me.

Who Am I ?

Hello! My name is Eric otherwise known as vFlyingCowboy! I grew up in the state of Oregon around the Portland area. I am currently enlisted in the United States Navy where I am stationed in San Diego CA.

In my free time I like to code different projects, hang out with my family, and every once in awhile, work on a car or two!

PC Specs


Intel I9-12900k


MSI RTX 3060Ti


64GB of DDR5


12TB spread out by 5 drives

My Life

Growing up my parents were separated so my childhood was kind of interesting. My dad living with my grandparents in the country and my mom living in the city made for some struggles. I grew up as any normal kid would have, drinking from a garden hose and playing in the dirt.
After graduating High School I enlisted in the Navy and shipped off to boot camp in September of 2017. After boot camp I went to “A School” in Pensacola Fl. After that I got my first duty station in Jacksonville FL. I have been deployed 3 times with this command. During my first deployment I had some terrible news. My dad had taken the life of my stepmom, I went home from that deployment knowing very little and hoping my little brother was ok. Over time I had lost the ability to talk with my brother and didn't know and still don't know when I will be able to talk with him again.
My Son was born in September of 2021 who is named after my Grandfather Terrance Lee Steiner. The mother of my child, My beautiful Fiancé Roxanne and I have been together since February of 2019.
More recently I had been transferred to San Diego to which I work on the CMV-22B airplane. I have been here for the last almost 2 years and cannot complain to much about it.
My Children

I have 2 Children!

Sophia, 10 is my stepdaughter and Terrance,2 is my son!

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